360 Gold Caesar Brush – Luxury 2X Soft – Mohair Bristle


The Ultra Luxury Brush. Made with 100% MOHAIR bristles. Polishes, lays and adds silky shine to hair unlike any other brush.

The Ultimate Choice for those who desire the top-of-the-line grooming experience. Crown Quality Products, the inventors and originators of the Contour Hair Brush, have mastered the right trajectory, curvature, design, density and bristle length that produces the most phenomenal results of any grooming utensil on the market. Whether you want to wrap your hair, straighten your hair, or obtain the best wave pattern imaginable, Crown Quality Product Brushes will definitely bring you to your desired results.


  • 100% Luxury Mohair bristle
  • Satin finish/ iridescent logo
  • Finishing/ polishing brush
  • Sharpens and gives waves 3D effect
  • Adds more shine and luster than a boar bristle brush
  • Wood color may vary
  • Comes in throwback box
  • Comes with free brush cleaner




Grooming Chart Explanation:

Training: This gauge indicates how well the bristles straighten and pull the hair into place.


Depth: Indicates How deep the bristles penetrate the hair without much effort or presser from the user. (Note: If you have a more coarse hair and just starting the process of obtaining waves you would want a brush high in depth and training.)


Lay: Indicates how well the bristles smooth and lays the hair down. A brush high in “Lay” will make sure you do not have unwanted hairs sticking up. (Note: Also indicates the depth of your wave pattern, the more you brush with a softer brush, the deeper your waves will look.)


Shine: Shine indicates how well the bristles give your hair a beautiful deep silky luster. (Note: A brush high in “Shine” guarantees a well polished finished look. A brush high in both “Shine” and “Lay” will add depth (deepness of waves) to your wave pattern the more you use it.

Additional information

Weight .4 lbs