Testimonials & Reviews

  • “This brush is amazing best hard brush ive ever used” — J. Wlliams
  • “Great service” — R. Turner
  • Best brush I ever purchased. I tried Diane, Annie, and Wave Enforcer. This brush tops all of them by far. The brush literally contours your head, in other words it feels like your brushing with your hand. If you already perfected your pattern this brush will take that perfected pattern to another level and you will not be disappointed. This brush is for “all wavers!!” — M. Durant
  • “My son loves it greatest brush he ever used and it really does what it says.” — C. Ray
  • “The best wave brush ever!” — E. Gibbs
  • “10-50 strokes =200 to 300 strokes with the rest. This brush is taking over the game.. for all the ppl that say its not good or its just hype havent tried this product, once you take that 1st stroke you’ll know what am talking about you’ll never buy another brush again, unless its a CQP.” — T. Waiters
  • “Very nice brush worth every penny”. — T. Thomas
  • “Items were great. Saw instant improvement. Very Happy! ” — C. Christopher
  • “fast shipping ” — R. Evans
  • “The brush is the best soft brush ever. Thank crown quality ” — R. Cole, Jr.
  • “Great Seller!! Got the product on time and early!” — A. Akyaw
  • This is one of the greatest creations for black men’s hair … to get 360 waves!!! from Mr. Cobb in Jacksonville FL
  • Thank you for the fast shipping. from Kenneth
  • OMG…… this brush is wonderful!!!!! from Markis
  • The best wave brush on the market. Go buy this if you are looking to achieve nice waves that easy stay in place with far less effort!!! from Isaac
  • Arrived on time…This brush is off the chain. from Trazo
  • The delivery was very fast.  I ordered on Friday I received the brushes on Monday! from Michael
  • A+ seller item arrived in timely fashion, from Bundy
  • Item as described, Great item, fast shipping only took 3 days awesome seller from Michael
  • Very fast shipping. from Dominique
  • Everything was good and im brushing everyday with my crown quality brush! from Rafael
  • Fantastic brushes from Vincent
  • I needed this brush and it was right on time for my fresh cut from Ronald
  • great brush!! It feels like a hard brush but it’s not really hard it just slightly under that. I love it it feels good in your hand. Feels like I’m just rubbing my head with my hand! from T. Green
  • Very happy with the service…got my brush in 3 business days. from KB
  • My waves are getting shiny and deep :))) ima stay locked on this page from Donnell
  • Cant wait to get my brush from Mr Jeter
  • Crown brushes do they thang. Getting ready to order that premium to see what that do. from Ian
  • My crown brush is off limits to my gal from Mr. Ivy
  • I just got 2 new crown brushes! The crimson soft & the blue medium! The tools needed to get the prefect storm! These brushes are great, from Mike
  • Loving this brush all I can say is wow. The other brush I have that I don’t no more is the wave enforcer is a #2 compared to this 360 gold I have the onyx black medium brush it’s perfect. from Mr Woods
  • I finally get my crown brush n today, the real waves gone b on deck soon from Eric
  • Shout Outs 2 the Crown Quality Products!! Took my waves 2 a whole NEW LEVEL!!!…..Respect from Quis
  • Much Respect and Love For the Crown Brush it gets the job done, no lie! from Patrick
  • Loving the brushes CQP!!!! Mr. Adjekum in New York, NY
  • I always underestimated the Crown soft brush until I purchased it, that brush really moves my hair and I have nappy hair, I was shocked good work from Rasheem
  • It’s wavers like myself that are out here tryna take their wave game to the next level and are anxious for the new shipment. Mr. Melton
  • The Best brush I ever used… now just saving up to get a caesar softy brush CQP, from Uthman
  • The medium has been so good to me i put my brother in law on it now he wants one from Ozell
  • TeamCQP even though I’m not signed to it, from Nicholas in Toronto, Ontario
  • If you guys out there are looking for the best brushes its hands down the 360 gold wave brush from Evan
  • 6 weeks beastin! Spin Mode still on strong! from Marc
  • Becoming a waver is the best thing I’ve done this year besides getting married. I didn’t know how much went into getting and keeping waves until I started my journey. Although it’s a process that can take many months, it’s worth the hard work to have a decent hairstyle that shows your commitment to grooming and hygiene. from Mr. Simmons in Batesville AR
  • Just received my 360 gold ceaser medium brush!!!! i love it hair was laying down after the 1st try. I got better with results in a 5 minute brush session with the CQP than a 20 minute brush session with the Diane!!!!!! *thank you CQP 4 making these kinda brushes* I really appreciated! 🙂 from Mr. Howard
  • Just finish my 4-5 week wolf session! CQP got my Three Sixties spinning!!! Looking like Race a track on my head!! Even my barber wuz like “Dang son ya waves spinning”!! from Zed
  • Just received my medium, and soft caesar. great shipping…from Mr. Fowler
  • Ima be the next one on the team…I’m claimin it lol #teamCQP from Antonio
  • These brushes are amazing. Thank yall from Shaquan
  • Working hard on that flo………….can’t wait for that CQP BRUSH!!!!! from Mr. Smith
  • Just got done unboxing my new and first crown medium royal blue it felt good now I am finally apart of CQP FAM from Ramone in Memphis, TN
  • Been usin my Royal blue medium for 2 days and already see a difference on my right problem side. from Miles
  • If u trying to get waves then get the crown brushes, best on the market…$15 20 is not alot of money!!! So if u want quality then that’s the price you pay CQP stand up!!! from Charles
  • Brush is here wooooooooooooooooooow!! from Tyheen
  • Thank you CQP for the make of these brushes. Elite waver status on the way! from Jarron in NC
  • Just ordered my blue medium, can’t wait for that bad boy, from Da Real in Cali
  • My medium crown came in today! oh yeah its put in work time while its raining!! from Claudy
  • Fast service everytime I order a brush from yall it comes in three days, thats three in row just ordered the premium too CQP all day everyday!! from David
  • Royal blue medium came! Im loving this brush. Gonna get that hard one next. from Devonte
  •  I cant put no other brush in my hair besides my crown brush from Mr. Walwyn
  • Caesar brushes are really good, CQP is a Great company from Chris
  • By the way I already own two CQP brushes and I’m very satisfied with both. Keep up the good work. from Vincent
  • Apply, brush, and believe…faith without works is dead, put in the work and time and brushing and don’t let nobody tell you that you can’t get waves. from Jamal
  • Upcoming Hip-hop artist outta Utah Spinnin In his PhotoShoots!!! S/O To CQP!!!! Red Soft+Burgundy Brush+Onyx Hard brush from Dijoun
  • 360 waves, 360 gold brush, organic hair products from Kwamane
  • Brushing will get you results like this. Thanks crown family. Mr. Mace
  • Whats going on CQP, I just got my brush in the mail yesterday and to keep it real with you I will never by another brush from any where else because CQP is my new home, add me to the family thanks CQP!!! from James
  • I can see my joints now, from Mr. Smith
  • Just got it in da mail …….. And its well worth the wait gotta get the hard brush next. from Mr. WipeMeDown
  • Just got it friday worKed wonders….the onyx medium black caesar brush, from Deon
  • I’ve been brushing for three days straight this is going 2 be epic….#CQP from Mr. Mayes-Boles
  • Just got my first CQP in the mail Onyx nice from Chris
  • This is what the CQP Brushes are doing for the ladies. S/O to Rob and his staff, LaKisha, Dat Boy, Enrique, Young Wavy and all the rest of the fellas that take the time out to encourage and include the women. Enjoy!! from Trevelyn
  • Headed out of town for a few days, gotta take my Kit of Products lol..all my crown brushes is a must, got my shea moisture moisturizer and the shampoo, A waver must be prepared with proper tools in his/her arsenal at all times!! from Mark
  • S/O To CQP for keeping me in Tsunami Mode!! from Da Allstar
  • Gave my friend one of my 2 medium brushes he wanted to start waving again. He told me ” that brush is a beast . You don’t need to much to get them waves start coming ” from Monty
  • Crown Quality Brush really work. Just keep on brushing and your waves will come. from Jason
  • Item arrived as described with super fast shipping. Thank you. from Kenneth
  • Good products and quality from Cain
  • This is a great brush if you are trying to get waves, been using it for a week now and have been seeing nothing but good waves, it help with the back of my head witch i was having no luck with getting the waves to form.. i would recommend this to anyone who is trying to get some nice waves from Tony
  • Excellent product. I recommend anyone trying to get 360 waves to purchase these brushes. Started seeing results within 3 days of use. from Alexander
  • Great product from Edward
  • “I purchased a mid/soft caesar brush and received it about a week ago. I felt like a kid on Christmas. I love this brush. Thanks to the CQP family for all the advice and help.” from Mike
  • “Ever since I got my Crown brushes, I have to force myself to stop brushing my hair once I start. I love these brushes”. from Amy
  • “Thank you for this creation.” from Lionel
  • “Wow.. is all i can say about this brush, I took it to school and everyone was like this brush is amazing especially how it contours to the head.” from James
  • “Just got my premium burgundy brush today, this brush is the truth CQP for life.” from Christopher
  • ‘Love these crown brushes, if they sold these at the mall, people would probably fight over these brushes like they do over Jordan releases.”  from Alex
  • ‘The feel of these brush on your head makes it almost impossible to stop brushing!!” from Steven
  • “I thought the price was way to high, until I used the brush…my opinion changed quickly.” from Lamar
  • “Got the med and soft today, best brushes I ever owned in my life thanks CQP.” from Jason
  • “My medium came in the mail yesterday & I’m glad I found out about these great brushes!” from Lamar
  • “Having a new crown brush is like having a new car.” from Mr Saunders
  • “CQP I support y’all 1000%, I’m a firm believer in your products”. From Braylan in Virginia
  • “Yo, just looked in the mirror and noticed just since Saturday when my crowns came in that my left side is startin to spin finally. Stay up crown fam. Yes Sir!!” from Kardale
  • “FOR PEOPLE WEARING GLASSES. The Crown with handle is the BEST brush u can use cause u won’t have to take ur glasses off when brushing those sides- its a huuuuge advantage to me.” from Mr. Diagana
  • “Just got my premium Caesar, this brush is just right not too hard and not to soft it smooths the hair down well.” from Kenneth
  • “Just got my Onyx medium brush this weekend. Brought my waves back to life.” from Jordan
  • “Received my Premium & Blue Ceaser today & it was 7 days just like you guys said. I’m pleased with my purchase & delivery & I will continue to support CQP.” from Max in New Jersey
  • “Wow, my Diane brushes have now been demoted to a shower brush, Crown brushes are the real deal!!” from Kaymen
  • “Got my caesar medium and premium in today! very pleased!” Mark in Arkansas
  • “Thx CQP, I ordered my brush off Amazon, shipping was on time and my waves are forming like never before.” Elliott
  • “Got my brush today. Haven’t used it yet, but I will say, it’s a sexy looking brush, and the bristles do feel different compared to other brushes.” from Louis in Massachusetts
  • “These brushes I got from y’all is the truth. I know its the brush because it took me and my son less than a month to start spinning. So big ups to crown brushes. I’m with y’all as long as I’m still waving.”  from David in Ohio
  • “I am in there Now! I got the Premium Burgandy and the Blue Medium Caesar Brushes! 1 word describes it all…IMMACULATE!” from Mr. Boles in California
  • ‘A KING must be crowned… a brush above the the rest!!” from Junior in Canada
  • “My anticipation of these brushes was beyond measure, and they lived up to it.” from Howard
  • “Once you go Crown, your going to put those other brushes down.” from Rodney
  • “Simply amazing.” from Jonathan
  • “I’m with the crown fam one use change everything.” from Trey
  • “I just got my Crown Quality Premium Cesar 360 Gold Wave Brush & as soon as I touched it to my head I fell in love. It felt like Halle Berry was slowly caressing my head 4real! Thats what I think I will call my brush Halle Berry.” Mr. Smith
  • “Just got my brush in the mail today,tried it out and the reviews was right. It’s a lot more brush compared to the old Diane 8119, and I like the way it curves to your head.” from Teril in Michigan
  • ‘I think i’ve finally figured out why my waves look different after buying the brush. The crown brushes stretched my curls out more than any other brush.” from Cornelius
  • ‘These are some sexy brushes, cant believe I used the word “sexy” about a brush lol.” from Marcus
  • “Just got my brush. Lovin this brush thank folks.” from Corie in Virginia
  • Brushes are truly amazing coming from an “elite waver” I don’t even want to pick up My diane. Will definitely be ordering more brushes.  from Nicholas in Canada
  • “I pre ordered my brush, the wait took a while, I almost canceled my order…that would have been a major mistake, these brushes are amazing.” from Terrance
  • “It shipped fast its just what I wanted.” from Brian
  • “Can give you waves quick.” from Timothy
  • “Outstanding products. The best brushes for any hair care grooming period. I went from buying single brushes to buy single cases. That should say enough.” from Heavy H.
  • “Best softy brush ever made!!!! “from Brandon
  • “Great product & it arrived on time!!” from Earl P.
  • “Love it!!” from Carlos C.
  • “Thank you CQP my waves are finally getting to level I want them to be all wavers keep doing ya thing and stay wavy.” from Produs
  • “Id like to send a shout out to CQP…Im up to six brushes and they are the truth.” from Christopher
  • “Gotta get one ASAP if u tryin 2 get all the way in the 360 WaveGame!” from Quis
  • “Love them!!” from Gee
  • “Just almost had a heart attack…thought I lost my red bone…(soft ceaser)…but I found it…now I’m working to better my connections.”  from Terell
  • “I LOVE my CQP brush, im getting a couple more most definitely.” from Prozay
  • “This is a very good product, i just received my brush in the mail today. I like the way it curves to the head…this product was longer overdue!!” from Mr. Gates
  • “My brush came with instructions, genius…even says you can get waves in your beard…I believe it.” from Jarred
  • “I have been using the medium since it arrived, and it is all that you say it is.  My scalp loves it, and I get compliments everywhere I go these days.  Your brushes are well worth the investment in keeping this hairstyle…..Blessings and keep doing what you do. I am very honored and proud to know you and use your product”. Ms. T.D. Lee
  • “…Keep up the good work and the quick responses, your a leading figure in the black community.”
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