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Robert Watson, CEO
Crown Quality Products, Inc.


Henry Jordan
Texas Distributor


Jeffrey Harrison


Marcius Miller
Florida Distributor

About Crown Quality Products

Our products represent a higher standard of excellence. We provide our customers with products that are durable, innovative, and attractive. Our focus is not only to make products that are visually appealing but, most importantly, produce results. We provide our customers with products that get the job done in the most efficient way. If we state that our product will achieve a goal, then our customer can trust that is exactly what it will do, that is our guarantee!

Our History & Origins

(From 2012)

I started out making these brushes by hand in my barbershop.  I made the first brush out of a 2 x 4 that I found in a field and carved it out with a wood file I had.  I always believed that there could be a better brush, especially for ethnic hair textures.  It would take me 4 hours to just glue the bristles in, and a week to complete the carving of the brush.  When I go to speak at schools, I always bring a 2 x 4 and show them that this is their dream, whatever their dream may be, it’s up to them to create it.  After much effort, prayer, and persistence I was able to get the brush manufactured (with no investors, while attaining my degree in business finance).

I sold wave brushes at festivals, shows, out of my trunk, city to city, and from shop to shop. Two of my partners and I drove from Detroit to L.A. hitting the streets of every major city along the way.  I told them I was not coming back till every brush was sold!  This is how we attained many retailers, celebrity customers, and put our name out there as for the people.  We would start in the roughest areas in the cities, and work our way out.  One time on a trip selling in D.C., and Baltimore a friend of mine saw how rough the area was and told me he thinks we should bring the knife we used for cutting boxes; I told him we don’t need any weapon, because he’s with me, and I’m under the protection of the Lord. Did some people try us, Yea, I remember one time in Philadelphia these guys were drinking heavy, and were pretty buzzed, and seemed like they wanted to come on us. (I had a pocket full of money) But I’m very intelligent when it comes to handling myself in the streets.  I stepped very close to the leader with my head high in the air, to kinda let him know, we’re not afraid to die either, they had no choice but to respect us.  We brushed kid’s hair on the sidewalks, prayed with some people, and gave some brushes away.  We slept in the car, or crappy motels.  Doing this put our name in the streets, and gave us loyal retailers and customers.  It took much blood, sweat and tears.  You can have the best product in the world, but it’s all about doing what it takes to get it out there.

Now we have been doing very well; we were in the top 25% of All retailers on Amazon in sales during this past Holiday season (2012).  We have just wrapped up our second year in business, and have already made over a “ticket” (for the slick boys).  We support our retailers, and make sure they sell extremely well.  I feel proud when I see someone with the Crown Quality Products Wave Brush in a car, or at someone’s home.  I never say that I’m the owner, and inventor, but calmly smile inside.

My vision was, and still is to start people to thinking how they can come up with, and manufacture a product that can better help someone.  As an African American male, we are pretty much taken as the lowest guy on the totem pole in the world, but we are powerful, creative, inventive, and compassionate.    I strongly believe that our niche in this new global economy is creating new products, but also manufacturing, and distributing them.  I could have sold my brushes to the existing beauty supply distributors, but they are not people of color, nor do they invest in our communities.  I wanted this to make a statement, that we can do for our self’s, and our people can be the ones that benefit.

Of course you will have people try to knock you off, or copy you out, but we our tried and true, with all dues paid.  When another brush similar to ours came out, some people called me and were upset, I said this will only boost our sales, and soon as it came out our sales went up dramatically. (It only validated our design).  Now someone that I mentored, and encouraged to fallow their dreams, and believe in their self is working with a European company to make a similar brush.  This company has never sold any products in our neighborhoods, and most likely still won’t. But it will just make people more aware of CQP if it ever materializes into anything.  This is the highest form of flattery, and validation.  In the European market we have a MVP Basketball player ready to market and blow up CQP in the EU! (He approached me).  I’m very excited about this. We have some big things coming, new logos made by a auto supplier to BMW, Chevy, Chrysler and Cadillac that will never ware or fade (Same thing that is used on the cars). A new durag that can’t be touched in its effectiveness, and two different designs of brushes. Dat boy will be premiering some in his new video.

I appreciate all our loyal customers, retailers, and advocates. Much love.

Robert Watson, C.E.O.


Gallery of Original Crown Brushes

Below are pictures of some of the first handmade brushes by inventor of the contour wave brush and owner of CQP, Robert A. Watson.


First Brush